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Trend Controls

Trend Controls is a world leader in the Building Energy Management Systems industry. The company is one of the top manufacturers in its field, providing a support network that covers more than 50 countries, along with worldwide distribution services.

The completely integrated control solutions provided by Trend Controls are built to meet even the most complicated and complex requirements of today's most modern buildings.


Trend Controls is a BSI registered business that complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001. It was first established in 1980. Since then, the company has been working on designing and manufacturing in the United Kingdom, with rapid, consistent growth occurring each year.

In addition to enjoying a solid market position within the UK, Trend Controls has also been steadily experiencing growth in Europe and other areas of the globe.

The company's quality assurance covers the design, manufacture, support, marketing, and sales of Building Energy Management Systems, and Trend Controls also uses an Environmental Management System that complies with the ISO 14001:2004 requirements.

Promoting a Reduction in Energy Consumption

Trend Controls focuses on minimising energy consumption while maintaining comfortable conditions in a variety of environments by closely controlling and monitoring ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems, along with other building services.

The company's systems can be found in almost every kind of non-residential building, such as hospitals, leisure centres, and schools, as well as shops, factories, and office blocks. And Trend Controls offers systems that are perfectly suited for use in the biggest building complexes, as well as in multi-site applications, even though they're also well suited to very small premises because of their cost-effectiveness.

Global Focus

Trend Controls focuses on the reduction of carbon dioxide and energy emissions around the globe. And the Trend system itself is great for providing ongoing monitoring of environmental conditions and energy consumption. This allows for optimised plan operation, along with a reduction in energy costs, without having to compromise the comfortable conditions that can be maintained by Trend products.

Working with Businesses

Each business has specific requirements that are unique, and Trend Controls understands this. Therefore, its company philosophy is focused on offering plenty of choices and flexibility through a wide range of Service Level Agreements, also known as SLA's, that are tailored to each client. Services are made available to end users and installers alike, and they cover Trend's manufactured systems, as well as those made by others. This is all supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a large network of talented and knowledgeable engineers.

Benefits of Using Trend Controls

The control systems offered by Trend are engineered, supplied, commissioned, and approved by Systems Integrators (SI). Companies that have qualified as Trend Technology Centres, also referred to as TTC, are known for their high quality contract management, workmanship, quality control, and documentation.

Ultimately, Trend Controls is able to offer a package of advanced, high quality products, along with specialist services and an established and successful route to its target market. In addition to systems that will fulfil business and consumer needs, Trend also ensures low lifetime costs.