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Siemens Controls

Siemens Controls is a leader in the global engineering and technology services market. It has been working in the UK for more than 170 years, and it's still a company that has a solid reputation and that's still going strong.

By providing innovative solutions to its customer base, Siemens Controls has been able to assist consumers and businesses throughout the UK by helping them tackle some of the area's biggest challenges.

With its significant presence in the UK, combined with 25 major offices and 13 manufacturing sites, Siemens Control has become a well-known and well-regarded name in its industry.

Nine Divisions

Siemens Controls operates with nine different divisions in place in order to meet all automation, digitalisation, and electrification growth fields on a long-term basis. In this way, dedicated staff can work within each division in order to be able to take complete advantage of the potential in the markets within these diverse fields.

The company's nine divisions are Power and Gas, Wind Power and Renewables, Power Generation Services, Energy Management, Building Technologies, Mobility, Digital Factory, Process Industries and Drives, and Financial Services. It also has a separate division on healthcare and another on real estate to provide medical technologies around the globe and to manage its real estate around the world, respectively.

A Focus on Manufacturing

Siemens Controls employs more than 6,000 people within the engineering and manufacturing fields, and the company has a rich manufacturing history throughout the UK. It's able to focus its efforts on everything from magnet technology and power generation services, to marine current turbines, wind power, and much more in order to meet global demands.

A Solid Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability means a lot to Siemens Controls. It goes beyond simply taking steps to make sure the environment is kept as healthy as possible. By behaving in the best interest of future generations, and by showing respect to society, businesses, and the delicate ecosystems around the world, Siemens Controls has taken the idea of sustainable business very seriously for many years.

Because Siemens Controls operates globally in addition to being a reliable source for technology in the UK, it has to make sure that every staff member follows the company's resolve to always behave responsibly to ensure the health and happiness of generations to come.

The company takes sustainability challenges seriously by looking for opportunities to overcome those challenges, and by creating value along with long-term growth. It does so by factoring both non-financial and financial performance into its operations and strategies.

From the planning to the manufacture of products in its collection, Siemens Controls takes every step possible to minimise its impact upon the environment. That's why the company also focuses on the recycling and disposal of its products.

The ultimate goal is to curb the effects of climate change while encouraging prosperity and economic growth. To do this, Siemens Controls helps bring energy solutions throughout the world in an eco-friendly way, with the intent of restructuring the many energy systems they provide to ensure that they're as sustainable as possible.