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Satchwell Controls

Satchwell Controls was founded in 1923 in the UK. Since then, it has been able to acquire both a national and an international reputation for its high quality water and air elements and controls.

As a result of its efforts and its many decades of experience in the manufacture and design of appliance control and sheathed heating elements, Satchwell Controls is recognised today as one of the leading heating element and temperature control manufacturers.

The Portfolio of Products Offered

Satchwell Controls offers a product portfolio that covers various components for the Industrial, Building, and Domestic Appliance sectors. The company has continually focused on innovative engineering, technical expertise, and customer satisfaction, making it a popular and reliable choice for companies and individuals.

The company also boasts a total of three major facilities for manufacturing and distribution. Each of these facilities has strategic product and geographic focuses to cater to their specific market's needs best. Also, these facilities are located within a few minutes of South Africa's largest road, airfreight, and sea terminals, making distribution easy.

The categories of products that are offered by Satchwell Controls include appliance spares, such as refrigeration products and appliance care products; controls and elements, including thermostats, radiant heating, and water heating; air conditioners, such as midwall splits and air curtains; products that are focused on saving energy; and solar water heating products that include high pressure systems and low pressure systems.

A Modern Facility

Satchwell Controls has a modern plant that features complete vertical integration along with a high amount of advanced technology. This ultimately gives the company a competitive advantage. Plus, with roughly six decades of trading and manufacturing experience in place, Appliance Components (which is represented by Satchwell and other companies like it) is able to enjoy a high ranking in terms of its service and quality over its competitors.

More About Appliance Components

Appliance Components is a division of ACTOM (Pty) Ltd. It is represented by Satchwell, which is a manufacturer based in Paarl-WC and that focuses on standard products. It is also represented by Satchwell Vredenburg, which is a West Coast branch that is based in Vredenburg.

Other companies that represent Appliance Controls include HOTFLO, which is a branch for Eastern Cape and Western Cape that is located in Cape Town; Electric Elements, which is located in Germiston and is a branch for Polokwane, Mpumalanga, OFS, and Gauteng; and WIREOHMS, which is located in Durban and is the branch for KZN.

Appliance Components is able to trade within the hugely competitive and very large global market because it has more than 500 employees who are focused on the manufacturing of the highest quality SABS-approved Satchwell controls and elements. And if there are many markets that demand lower priced alternatives, Appliance Components is able to import a high quality Heatwave item that is supplied through the careful selection of a contracted manufacturer. These strict quality assurance controls are enforced through the Satchwell-China office, and they assure consumers that the products that they are getting will be reliable and worth the cost.