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Landis and Staefa

Landis & Staefa is a highly respected and very accomplished company in the Security and Building Management industry. It is regarded as a specialist electronic security systems integrator as well, providing a variety of Smarter Building Solutions that are modern and offer the latest technology to meet every individual client's specific needs and requirements.

A Variety of Products and Services

Landis and Staefa is a company that offers a wide range of products and services to cater to a vast array of clients. These include Emergency Evacuation Systems, Audio Visual Systems, Building Management, Access Control, HVAC Controls, Lighting Controls, Energy Management, Generator and UPS Monitoring, Lift, Fire Detection, KWH and KVA Monitoring, Intrusion Detection, Surveillance, Systems Integration, and Laboratory Systems.

In order to provide intelligent building management, Landis and Staefa uses products like Intelligent Lighting Control, as well as Tridium and Siemens BMS. The company also offers Tridium, Siemens, Distech, and iSM for HVAC Control. And when it comes to Fire and Security, the company is proud to offer a range of products that include access control, CCTV, and fire detection items. It also offers OEM boiler and burner products, and it even provides sensors and probes, liquid flow meters, and frequency drives.

The company is able to provide myriad solutions to the petrochemical and process industries, and it also supplies via Siemens and ITT Clostridium Controls, as well as LonMark, providing programmable controllers that can be used in fan coil units, chillers, boilers, heat pumps, boiler and burner products, air handling units, actuators, and valves. And its extensive knowledge and experience in the field of oil and gas burners allow Landis and Staefa to provide the highest quality products and services within that niche.

A True Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Landis and Staefa takes immense pride in not only designing, but also in installing and then maintaining any building management systems and electronic security systems that will address all of the unique needs and risks that are faced by every individual customer. This means that the company is able to provide truly customised solutions that work, rather than a one-size-fits-all plan.

In addition to providing every customer with the unique products and services necessary to meet their particular challenges and needs, Landis and Staefa can also say that it has been able to enjoy continuous growth as an organisation, thanks to the fact that every member on its staff is committed to complete customer satisfaction. A primary goal within the company is to achieve the highest level of quality for its products and, more importantly, its services.

Continued Growth

Since it was founded, Landis and Staefa has been able to serve as a pioneer within the Building Technology industry, particularly in the Southern African market, by providing a complete list of facilities solutions to its diverse client base.

The organisation focuses its efforts on providing high-performance and highly reliable products that aren't only easy to maintain but are also energy efficient and easy to integrate into existing systems that are in place.