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Cylon Controls

Cylon Controls is a part of the Cylon Group, which also consists of Cylon Active Energy and Cylon Energy Inc. The company is recognised as an international leader and a pioneer in the development of smart energy management systems for a diverse range of buildings. And with a global presence, thanks to customers that are located throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and North America, Cylon Controls is a well known and highly regarded name in its industry.


For over 25 years, Cylon Controls has been manufacturing energy solution products for businesses across a wide range of industries. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, it has a solid history within the global Building Energy Management System (BEMS) and controls market because its staff really knows how to properly optimise a BEMS.

In 2008, Cylon Controls recognised a need for a user-friendly, engaging, and smart method for businesses to analyse and monitor their energy consumption. The product would have to be able to deliver true cost savings, as well as energy savings, but it was a task that Cylon was glad to undertake. As a result of the company's efforts, the Active Energy SaaS (Software as a Service) product was launched in 2009.

More recently, in 2012, the company opened up its first United States division, known as Cylon Energy Inc., in order to further expand its global presence and provide a wide range of solutions for building energy management to North American customers.

Products, Services, and Innovation

Cylon Controls is considered one of Europe's biggest and most successful independent manufacturers of building control systems. This is because the company really understands and knows buildings and their requirements, and it's also able to optimise every Building Energy Management System to suit a particular facility perfectly.

For decades, Cylon has been able to effectively deliver smart energy control systems, and it works with a wide variety of sectors that include commercial, healthcare, financial, retail, education, industrial, local government, telecommunications, leisure and hospitality, and pharmaceutical.

A Mission to Reduce Energy Costs and Be Green

Sean Giblin, the CEO of Cylon Controls, has been quoted as saying that the increasing costs of fuel, combined with the threat of climate change, makes it absolutely necessary to make buildings more energy efficient than ever before. That is part of Cylon's mission, and it has been making strides to accomplish it by producing the BACnet BMS, which is a service building management solution and web-based product that provides end users with a true level of control based upon real information about the building's environment. This ultimately results in energy savings and cost savings for the consumer.

Ultimately, Cylon Controls is focused on helping people reduce the amount of money that they spend on their energy costs, but it's also very well aware that, by reducing costs, it's also able to reduce harmful emissions that contribute to climate change.

Recent News

In June 2014, Cylon Controls was rebranded, so the company is now known as American Auto-Matrix, a Cylon Energy Inc. Company. This was the result of the acquisition of American Auto-Matrix.