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Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls is an industrial leader with customers located in over 150 countries across the globe. The company also has 170,000 employees who work hard daily to create high quality products, solutions, and services that optimise operational efficiencies and energy in buildings. It also specialises in interior systems for vehicles and the creation of lead-acid batteries, along with other advanced batteries, for both electric and hybrid automobiles.

With a focus on boosting market share and implementing solid growth strategies throughout the organisation, Johnson Controls is dedicated to delivering value to customers and shareholders.

Company History

Warren Johnson founded Johnson Controls in 1885, effectively creating an industry that was focused upon energy efficiency. The company was ready to dive into new fields and new ideas, and this is what helped it innovate incredible products for customers with the help of thousands of staff members.

Since its founding, this company still follows the same core principles. Employees are happy to make positive contributions that help businesses and consumers all over the world.

Three Markets Served

Johnson Controls has established itself as a global diversified company within the automotive and building industries. Its efforts are focused on three markets, in particular:

  • Power Solutions: Johnson Controls was the first organisation on the planet to create lithium-ion batters for hybrid vehicles, and continues to be a leader in the manufacture of automotive batteries for hybrid, start-stop, and electric cars, with 50 production, distribution, and recycling centres supplying over 1/3 of the planet's lead-acid batteries, which are sold to the biggest automakers, as well as aftermarket retailers.
  • Automotive Interiors: More than 63,000 workers in more than 220 locations across the planet work for Johnson Controls in the development and production of interior systems and technology for the automotive market. Products include single parts and components, as well as entire interiors. The company specialises in interior systems that includes floor consoles, overhead systems, overhead consoles, door panels, and instrument panels, along with seating systems.
  • Building Efficiency: Johnson Controls is also focused on delivering services, solutions, and products that will boost energy efficiency while lowering operating costs for millions of customers. It's a leading provider of services, controls, and equipment for ventilating, refrigeration, security systems, air conditioning, and heating. Johnson Controls has also taken part in over 500 renewable energy projects. These include geothermal, wind, and solar technology. The solutions created have helped to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and generate savings since 2000.

A Commitment to Sustainable Business and to Giving

Johnson Controls has been committed to sustainability since 1885, when the company was in its early days and it invented the very first electric room thermostat.

In addition to sustainability, Johnson Controls encourages its employees to give back to the community through support of the environment, social services, and education, as well as leadership development. Its volunteer program is called Blue Sky Involve, and it shows support to the Conservation Leadership Corps, which works to educate young people about environmental sustainability. The company donates millions of dollars a year to community organisations and non-profits around the world in order to help further their causes for a more positive world.